INTERVIEW | with photographer travis williams

img_9191 Boy can this guy tell a story with his pictures! Recently I got the awesome opportunity to sit down with photographer Travis Williams and pick his brain. It was so beneficial to talk to a pro. Not only is he wonderful at taking pictures, he is a great business man! He knows his market and knows how to market himself. I didn’t realize he has a quite a story himself of how he came to be Travis Williams the photographer!


How did you get started in photography?
When I was young I actually had dreams of being a Automotive Engineer. Although going to school proved it wasn’t something I was cracked up for. Instead, by prompts from my father, I got a degree in Open Water Scuba Instruction. There I found a passion. Along with my father, I got to go all over the world doing that – 16 countries in total. I even swam with hammerhead sharks! That’s where I started assisting my father with taking pictures underwater.

After settling down with my wife and working at dive shops, I decided to start my own IT consulting business. There I learned what it took to have my own business. After several years at that, I went back to my first love which was the auto industry. I worked as a auto-broker and in my spare time took pictures of my kids. In the fall of 2006 I was approached by a friend who wanted me to shoot their wedding! Within a month I had 6 weddings booked.



What is your typical day like?
A good slice of everything. I try to mesh ministry into my work as much as I can. I start out by managing my online presence which is pretty massive and takes up a lot of my week. I will then work on post-production. On a good day I will shoot on location or have a one-on-one lunch encouraging a believer.

What do you especially enjoy about your work?
The creative process, the people, and actually taking pictures!

What is your favorite thing to shoot?
I really enjoy engagement sessions and seniors. I like to take time with them to get to know them. The session then becomes highly stylized to that particular person. I love seeing how creative and personal it can be.



What kinds of challenges do you face?
Balancing of everything and making sure no area suffers. I really don’t get into the creative stuff until late at night. Also keeping up with technology and staying edgy.


What are some of the important factors that have contributed to your success?
Previous experiences such as my scuba diving days where I learned organizational skills. I also knew how to market a business from running my own IT business. Networking with other photographers personally and online via helped me build a network of peers.

How do you recommend someone get started in the business?
Best way for me was to find pros to assist. Also make a plan. Lenses is where it’s at!


Anything else?
Constantly market your business. I do this through twitter, facebook, and my blog. Facebook was made for photographers.


Stay tuned to see photos Travis took of me! And visit in the meantime!


2 responses to “INTERVIEW | with photographer travis williams

  1. You are a journalist too!!! Hahahaha. Your blog is so well done Kelly. I hope it opens up some new doors for you in all these creative avenues you love so much.

  2. Hooray for Travis!! A really great guy with a really great heart.

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