I was onced asked by a potential employer “what makes you tick?” I told him I am a designer at heart and love to solve problems visually. He responded that he didn’t like good answers… haha.  But that made me start thinking about that question more and I can honestly say my answer is the truth. I loove the challenge of creating a visual solution.

I involve myself in all sorts of creative outlets and you will see that looking around on my blog. Just to name a few: fashion and thrifting for special treasures, handmade accessories, home projects, painting, photography, and of course design!

I found a love for creating early and later attended the University of Wisconsin – Stout where I recieved a BFA in Multimedia Design. Currently I work as a User Interface Designer at IBM in Tucson, AZ. I also do freelance design and photography and you can check out some of my work on my website and my flickr.

First and foremost I love the Lord and my ultimate desire is to glorify him through however He wants to use me. Art, design, photography, missions; the possibilities are endless and I am excited about that!

I’ve been married to my very handsome husband Dustin for about 2 years and feel honored to have him in my life.

Our little dog  Talullah also lives with us. She makes our lives a little more crazy and interesting :)

My family are miles and miles away in Minnesota and I miss them terribly every day.

Sour patch kids, dancing movies, anthropologie, watching football, organization, thrifting, hip hop music, everything handmade and lastly your comments! It encourages me to hear your feedback (good or bad) and would love to get to know who you are and what you love!