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Did anyone go thrifting on Labor Day? I didn’t know this but most every thrift store on Labor Day had a 50% off sale on everything in the store!

The hubby and I found some good stuff while we were out on Monday so I’d thought I’d share. I’m lucky I have a husband that likes to go shopping! We had a great day shopping around together looking for treasures. Dustin was a trooper letting me take these pics of him, how great does he look? Okay, okay I’ll stop. :D

psst…. that’s a Christian Dior tie for $2!

‘m lucky I have a husband that likes to go shopping!


What girl doesn’t need a little glam in her life?

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These two girls were so fun to work with! Ruth and Amber are really close friends who wanted some fun pictures of themselves together. Ruth actually gave Amber this photoshoot as her Christmas gift! What a great friend! On this afternoon we explored Tucson 4th ave shops and culture. Don’t you love their hair color? Jealous!


Less Dorthy, more chic!

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FASHION FRIDAY : my jean jacket

My Outfit:

Jean Jacket: Old Navy
V-neck tee: American Eagle
Black Shorts: Forever 21 $12.50
Tights: Target
Refashioned Shoulder Bag: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Savers $9.99

FASHION FRIDAY | savers jackpot

My husband and I were at the grocery store the other day and when I bought wine, I surprisingly didn’t get carded. As we were leaving, I proudly mentioned how I didn’t get carded. My husband responded “Maybe because you are wearing normal clothes today.” haha

Thanks to Dustin for taking these pictures of my “weird” outfit ;).

My Outfit:

Sweater: $4.99 Savers
Belt: $2.99 Savers
Jeggings: $14.90 Forever 21
Sunglasses: $.69 Savers
Earrings: $3.80 Forever 21
Boots $9.99 Savers

FASHION | friday : my husband’s shirt

My Outfit:

Shirt: Stole from my husband’s closet Hollister
Vest: $10.90 Forever 21
Jeggings: (finally got some!) $14.90 Forever 21
Shoes: $9.00 (Steve Madden) Buffalo Exchange
Belt: From a Forever 21 skirt