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At first I wasn’t a big fan of fringe – think cowgirls and spurs, but it has grown on me since seeing it around this year. I’m especially loving the fringe bags! I’ll have to get one for fall :). So what do you think of this trend? Yay or nay?

Images found via lookbook and weheartit.


FASHION FRIDAY | my favorite skirt

My Outfit:
Shirt: $1.00 Golden Goose
Skirt: $8.50 Forever 21
Bracelet: Express
Headband: Target
DIY Sandals

p.s I got a Lookbook now so go check it out and leave me some hype :D

FASHION FRIDAY | DIY wrap sandals

For awhile I’ve been wanting some cuff ankle sandals but I haven’t found a pair that I absolutely love yet so I decided to make my own version! I had some older black thong heels that I don’t really wear anymore so I added some black fabric and now they look completely different and updated! You guys can all do this and I hardly spent any money! You could even add some hardware to them like little gold studs or a chunky bow to the sides. Have fun with it!

Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Gather materials. You will need a pair of sandals, chalk, fabric, and snaps.

Step 2: Cut a strip about 2 feet long and 31/2 inches wide.

Step 3: To clean up edges (mine were fraying like crazy) fold and iron down both sides.

Step 4: Sew down both sides.

Step 5: Fold over one end of the fabric to one side of the sandal and sew shut.

Step 6: At the other end of the fabric sew 2 snaps on. (Sew the snaps on the inside of the fabric.)

Step 7: Put on the sandal and wrap the fabric around your ankle and measure where the other side of the snap should go. Mark the spot with the chalk.

Step 8: Sew on the other side of the snaps where you marked the chalk. (Sew the snaps on the outside of the fabric.) That’s it! Now put the sandals on and wrap and snap the fabric!

FASHION FRIDAY | heart locket

My Outfit:
Jacket: $24.99 Forever 21
White Tee: $8.50 Forever 21
Jean Shorts: $19.95 American Eagle
Heart Locket: Gift
Owl Ring: Gift
Ankle Boots $24.99 Forever 21


Yesterday my new Tucsonan friend and designer Jamie went on a little photoshoot adventure. It was a blast to get out and shoot just for fun. We found this abandoned area by a mobile home community with a bright yellow truck that we both loved! Here are a couple shots I got of her. How cute and stylish is she? Look for a full post soon including pics Jamie took of me too :)

Jamie’s Outfit:

Vest: Old Navy $4.99
Skirt: Miley Cyrus for Walmart $1.75
Shoes: Thrifted Gift
Necklace: Vintage eBay
Earrings: Handmade
Watch: Thrifted

FASHION FRIDAY | hair buns

I’m loving high, messy hair buns right now.

found via flickr and audrey hepurn complex

And this last one, is me:


What girl doesn’t need a little glam in her life?

images found via weheartit.com