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I’m so so excited to announce my new site to you!! I’ve been patiently working and waiting for this to happen so I’m so happy it’s finally ready! The new site was designed and developed by me except for a little development outsourcing on the portfolio page. It is a blogsite – portfolio and blog all in one so I will also be posting over there now. Make sure to update your bookmarks!  I’d love to have you check it out and let me know your thoughts!! Here’s my new url:


Happy clicking!!


MONDAY INSPIRATION | yulia brodskaya

This is strips of paper people!! How amazing is that?

Yulia Brodskaya is an artist and illustrator who makes these intricate paper crafts by hand. She has done designs for companies such as Target, Starbucks, and Neimen Marcus. Man I would love to see her process! I always admire paper artists – the craft that goes into something like this is simply staggering!

You can view more of her work here. Happy Monday!

CREATIVITY | battles


I have been seeing some really cool mixed media pieces lately: Anahata Katkin and Promise Tangeman So I decided to do some of my own.myimages-096

There’s always a point in my paintings when I absolutely hate what I’m doing and consider throwing it out or painting over it (which I actually do on occasion!) This is where I am at with the painting above, that’s why you only get to see a tidbit of it. haha Even when a painting is finished, the problems areas that never really got resolved stare at me and taunt me. I know if I go back to them, I will make it worse. So I resolve to be finished with the painting and accept the blemishes. What are some of the battles you go through when creating?