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I’m so so excited to announce my new site to you!! I’ve been patiently working and waiting for this to happen so I’m so happy it’s finally ready! The new site was designed and developed by me except for a little development outsourcing on the portfolio page. It is a blogsite – portfolio and blog all in one so I will also be posting over there now. Make sure to update your bookmarks!  I’d love to have you check it out and let me know your thoughts!! Here’s my new url:

Happy clicking!!



My purse of choice is a dark purple satchel from Urban Outfitters. The straps are kinda falling apart but this is my favorite bag. It’s not too bulky and the color surprisingly goes with a lot of outfits. It’s going to take a lot for me to get rid of this one!

(1) Bobby Pins. I always have these. Everywhere.

(2) Work Badge. If I forget this when I go to work, it’s a giant hassle to get through security. Sometimes I panic a little when it’s not in my purse. haha

(3) Anthro Member Card. If you haven’t signed up for one of these yet, I encourage you to do so! You get %15 off on your birthday and other coupons the more you buy. Plus you get the catalog in the mail which is full of inspiration!

(4) Clutch Wallet. Love the pretty design and the gold interior and it was a birthday present from Dustin :) I carry my bank cards, change, receipts, and my ID in it.

(5) Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Lip Color. I like this product because it stays all day but its not super heavy.

(6) Liplicious Tasty Lip Color in Cranberry Cocktail. Tastes yummy and it’s fun to put on. I sometimes wear it over the Colorstay for gloss.

(7) Keys. I try to keep these in my purse but for some reason I’m always searching for them. My husband and friends can testify. haha My sister gave me a pretty Coach keychain that I have on it too.

(8) Thrifted Sunglasses. An essential in Arizona.

(9) Mini Tape Measure. Very handy to have. This one is branded by the US Forest Service where my husband works.

(10) Teasing Comb. My hair is really heavy so throughout the day it will get flatter on top which means it needs a little boost. This one is from Sally Beauty Supply.

(11) Business Cards. Duh.

(12) Banana Boat SPF 45 Lip Balm. This is my favorite chapstick because it keeps my lips smooth and it smells REALLY good.

(13) Palm Pixi. I love the size of this phone, it has a touchscreen and a keyboard and I can check facebook when I’m not at home. hehe

What’s your one must-have in your bag??


Did anyone go thrifting on Labor Day? I didn’t know this but most every thrift store on Labor Day had a 50% off sale on everything in the store!

The hubby and I found some good stuff while we were out on Monday so I’d thought I’d share. I’m lucky I have a husband that likes to go shopping! We had a great day shopping around together looking for treasures. Dustin was a trooper letting me take these pics of him, how great does he look? Okay, okay I’ll stop. :D

psst…. that’s a Christian Dior tie for $2!

‘m lucky I have a husband that likes to go shopping!


“Hey Kelly, check this out, I thought of you when I saw this…” One of the surprising and inspiring things about blogging is how much inspiration you get back! I get emails and facebook messages from readers a lot sharing links, photos, etc. which always puts a smile on my face because I know they really get me! So I put together a little list of inspiring links that have been shared with me. THANK YOU to all my readers – you inspire ME! Also if you have seen anything inspiring lately, post it here! And of course keep sending me links :)

Check this girl out who redesigns a DRESS EVERYDAY!

A very inspiring Alice-In-Wonderland shoot.

This better-than-sex cake which I made yesterday. It was soo yummy.

A great way for artists to promote their work and it’s free!

A cool and clever book on branding.

And a girl after my own heart.


I feel very frazzled this week. So much to do, so little time. I have found that music calms my anxiety level and just puts me in a good mood. So I wanted to share a new playlist I made recently. It’s pretty random but that’s the way I like it :) Anyone got any good music they’d like to share?

The High Road Broken Bells
OMG Usher
Let the Drummer Kick Citizen Cope
Cooler Than Me Mike Posner
Mykonos Fleet Foxes
Little Lion Man Mumford & Sons
Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) The Script
Undo It Carrie Underwood
Tighten Up The Black Keys
143 (feat. Ray J) Bobby Brackins

photo by me


I got this idea to make 27 goals before I turn 28 from Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. Most of them are creative goals that I’ve been already thinking about. I made them fun, tangible, and one-time goals so they aren’t completely daunting to accomplish :) Plus I wanted to throw a couple things in there that I’d normally never do! I encourage you all to do the same when you’re next birthday comes around!

p.s. If any of you see how you could assist in accomplishing these goals, I welcome the help!

Here’s the full list (click to enlarge):


Last week Dustin and I drove to Stockton, Missouri to visit his parents. Wow what a long drive but it was definitely worth it!  Both his sisters and their families also drove down and met us so there was a house full of 15 people at one point!

Our trip consisted of visiting, thrift shopping in Springfield, eating home-cooked meals, a kitchen makeover, and a senior photo session – which I’ll show later! Here’s some pictures I captured along the way…

A couple of my finds in Springfield:

1) Shirt $2.00
2) Mini McCoy Pitcher $6.00
3) Vintage 50’s Shorts $35.00
4) Vintage Wrangler Shirt for my Hubby $18.00
5) Wall Hanging $3.00

Lastly Dustin and I helped his mom redo her kitchen! I guess I inherited my parents’ gene of doing projects while visiting friends/family! haha She had been wanting to get rid of that wallpaper ever since she moved in so we thought it would be a great time to do so! She loves the new color and is planning a couple other projects to complete the makeover. Here’s the before and after: