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I’m so so excited to announce my new site to you!! I’ve been patiently working and waiting for this to happen so I’m so happy it’s finally ready! The new site was designed and developed by me except for a little development outsourcing on the portfolio page. It is a blogsite – portfolio and blog all in one so I will also be posting over there now. Make sure to update your bookmarks!  I’d love to have you check it out and let me know your thoughts!! Here’s my new url:

Happy clicking!!



A couple weeks ago, I shared the new logo design I did for MAPLE Microdevelopment, a great non-profit that helps alleviate poverty through field training programs. Well I also redesigned and developed their website! We launched it last Thursday so I’m happy I can show it to you now!

Their request was to create a clean, professional site with features to allow others to easily get involved in their organization and hear about current news and events. I made sure the site I created was social-networking centric with features such as a newsletter-sign up, a blog, a way to donate online, and of course links to their twitter and facebook pages.

I also knew it was important to communicate to vistors who MAPLE is and what they do in a simple, straight-forward way so I created this diagram on the About page:

You can view the whole site here: I created the site using WordPress and the Thesis theme (which I absolutely love).  For those of you not familiar with it, I wrote about it here. I’m pretty excited about it because I’m learning to develop sites with advanced features without it having to look exactly like a template. You will see another project from me built on Thesis soon :).


I’m loving this color combo right now. Wouldn’t it be gorgeous for a wedding? Too bad my wedding is over (sigh).

found via decor8 and weheartit


Ahh I love brand identity! I am currently working with a non-profit organization called MAPLE Microdevelopment to redesign their identity and website. MAPLE is a great organization that funds field students to train entrepreneurs in developing countries ultimately to fight poverty and empower others.

I naturally started with their logo which needed a little tweaking. The basic idea was already there (combining people with a maple leaf). One of my favorite things in logo design is combining two design elements or images into one.

Since MAPLE is all about reaching people, I wanted the logo to read that. It also needed to be simple, strong, personal, current, and relate to their name. All my design choices were made with that in mind. For example, I simplified the number of people incorporated in order to personalize it further. I also brightened the color for more impact.

I don’t know about you, but I always like to see how a finished logo could be applied. Here is an event flyer I designed for their blog. So what do you think of the new logo? I’d love to hear feedback! Stay tuned because there will be another makeover to share related to this project!


If you follow my blog, you know how much I love mixed media. I came across this artist who uses a mix of acrylics and pencil on linen with stitching. Aren’t they beautiful and unique? You can view more of Erin Flannery’s work here.

MONDAY INSPIRATION | coolest hand art

I love this AT&T ad series! I know these are old but I hadn’t seen them before. So cool!

MONDAY INSPIRATION | yulia brodskaya

This is strips of paper people!! How amazing is that?

Yulia Brodskaya is an artist and illustrator who makes these intricate paper crafts by hand. She has done designs for companies such as Target, Starbucks, and Neimen Marcus. Man I would love to see her process! I always admire paper artists – the craft that goes into something like this is simply staggering!

You can view more of her work here. Happy Monday!