I always love reading posts like this because isn’t it fascinating to see in other people’s homes?? I even like going to open houses just to see how others decorate and to get ideas for my own home.

I’m definitely not an interior designer but do appreciate home design and since I’ve had a home of my own, I’ve really enjoyed looking at home magazines, shopping for special home accessories, and personalizing my own space. I really like incorporating original art, refurbished antiques, and thrifted items. Obviously everything is a work-in-progress but I’m learning how to be happy with the things I currently have and making them work with the space. I like Nate Berkus‘s quote that “your home should rise up to meet you.” I want my home to be a reflection of who my husband and I are and greet us with feelings of peacefulness, inspiration, and relaxation.

My parents have definitely influenced how I see my home and have given my a large appreciation for DIY projects, paying on a dime, and working with what you have. Some of my pieces were even built by my dad or are projects that I’ve done with my mom. :)

Dustin is also enjoying building pieces for our house, which I love benefiting from! I can’t wait to show what he’s done!

I’ll start with the living room which is the first thing you come to when you open the door.

These are a couple painting reproductions I did:

My dad built our TV cabinet for us!

My mom and I re-covered the pillows that came with the couch:


Talullah likes to be in the pictures. haha

I love owls, Dustin gave me that owl cookie jar for Christmas.

Our Bedroom:

Our DIY headboard was a joint effort between me and Dustin and both my parents. I love it! And my mom recovered that chair for me and I made the pillow on it.

Of course our suitcase dog bed ;)

My peach and gold combination:

Our Bathroom:

2nd Bathroom:

Studio (a work-in-progress):

Hope you enjoyed!


7 responses to “OUR HOME TOUR

  1. we have an owl cookie jar too! i love owls and it was caleb’s great grandma’s cookie jar. it’s so ugly that it’s cute :)

  2. thanks for the tour…my favorite part of your home is your bed…. soooooooo comfy!! seriously people, it’s amazing. :) you should show your backyard sometime bc I think it’s so cute!

  3. By the way — dying to see the REST of the studio!

  4. I loved this post! I’m the same way; I love looking at other people’s homes.

  5. I DID enjoy! I love the warm feeling I get from the paint colors in your living room and kitchen. I like visiting your home :)

  6. Kelly, you are SO talented! Where did you get your shower curtain? I absolutely love it!

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