FASHION FRIDAY | heart locket

My Outfit:
Jacket: $24.99 Forever 21
White Tee: $8.50 Forever 21
Jean Shorts: $19.95 American Eagle
Heart Locket: Gift
Owl Ring: Gift
Ankle Boots $24.99 Forever 21


7 responses to “FASHION FRIDAY | heart locket

  1. Laura Gialanella

    I have those boots! They are my favorite.

  2. love that owl ring! and the boots… ok, the whole outfit is adorable. :)

  3. I miss having a job that lets me read blogs. It was good to get caught up. I’m loving the blonde!

  4. I love those boots, and for such a great price :)

  5. KELLY!! I LOOOOOOVE your blond hair. amazing. you look beautiful. :)

  6. thanks for the nice words guys :) i’m enjoying the blonde too!

  7. You are too cute for words! That owl ring is amazing!

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