“Hey Kelly, check this out, I thought of you when I saw this…” One of the surprising and inspiring things about blogging is how much inspiration you get back! I get emails and facebook messages from readers a lot sharing links, photos, etc. which always puts a smile on my face because I know they really get me! So I put together a little list of inspiring links that have been shared with me. THANK YOU to all my readers – you inspire ME! Also if you have seen anything inspiring lately, post it here! And of course keep sending me links :)

Check this girl out who redesigns a DRESS EVERYDAY!

A very inspiring Alice-In-Wonderland shoot.

This better-than-sex cake which I made yesterday. It was soo yummy.

A great way for artists to promote their work and it’s free!

A cool and clever book on branding.

And a girl after my own heart.


3 responses to “WHY I LOVE MY READERS

  1. Laura Gialanella

    I love the blog with the girl that makes a new dress everyday! I have to learn how to sew one of these days…

  2. I’ve been following the dress every day blog for a little bit and it just makes me think about not only how much money we could save, but how we could better impact the environment. I really need to get my sewing skills in order. That Alice in Wonderland shoot rocks.

  3. Check out http://madamchino.com/ It’s a lot like the New Dress Girl, but for those that are sewing-disabled, this store sells repurposed and remade clothing. Very inspiring!

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