You might have seen this idea before… it won the 2008 design sponge DIY contest. When I saw this idea, I loved it and really wanted to do it for my dog, Talullah! My husband found this vintage suitcase at a local antique store for $18. Then we bought some wood feet for it and screwed them on the bottom. For the cushion, I picked out 2 different fabrics and made a reversible pillow. I finished it off with a little hand drawn art. Can you tell she already loves it? Way cuter than any dog beds you can buy at the store. Thanks Kristen for this idea!


11 responses to “TALULLAH’s NEW BED!

  1. this is so adorable. your pooch is such a lucky girl! every princess pooch should have a personal portrait in her boudoir!

  2. How cute is that! My moose of dog would have 1) made out with it then 2) found some to munch on. Like a metal clasp.

  3. This looks great! So cute and I love the colors.

  4. I love this and your dog is too cute. Great fabrics!!!

  5. I love it! I saw that idea at Whippy Cake first.


    I love both of yalls versions! And the puppies make it that much cuter!

  6. What an adorable idea!!!! And an even more adorable puppy!!! :) She’s too cute! Lovin’ your blog!

  7. Sarah San Jule

    P.S. Talullah = Precious
    I think Gabbana and Talullah should have a puppy play date <3

  8. I think my baby Zoe and beautiful Talullah should have a pappy play date. Your baby is so sweet.

  9. wow!
    This is adorable! my little Yorkie would look sweet in one of these.
    I especially like your drawing of T.

  10. Your dog looks very cute. His ears looked like little wings or pig tails. She looks like some traveling princess in a suitcase.

  11. oh my goodness! so adorable. i would have to buy a big suitcase for my pup!

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