ENGAGED | tyler + rheanna

Tyler and Rheanna are getting married in November and I’m so excited that they choose me to shoot their wedding! These two are super cute together and we had a blast exploring a couple new places I had never shot at before for their engagement session. I love engaged couples! Favorites??


4 responses to “ENGAGED | tyler + rheanna

  1. Travis Williams

    Reflection shot in guitar is brilliant. Nice use of cassias adobes plaza

  2. yay it’s tyler and rheanna!!! i’m SO excited that they chose you! they look great!

  3. the photos are amazing. and they look so cute together!

    ps. Im doing my own 50 in 50 days. half of my 50 arent so exciting or adventures, i think doing it in 50 days was a bit tough, there’s days where i just need to do nothing, hence the challenges such as “have a bubble bath”.

    take a look.

    im a follower of ur blog xx

  4. I love these! I shot my senior portraits there in hat same plaza. It really is a great place with like a million different backgrounds.

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