I got this idea to make 27 goals before I turn 28 from Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. Most of them are creative goals that I’ve been already thinking about. I made them fun, tangible, and one-time goals so they aren’t completely daunting to accomplish :) Plus I wanted to throw a couple things in there that I’d normally never do! I encourage you all to do the same when you’re next birthday comes around!

p.s. If any of you see how you could assist in accomplishing these goals, I welcome the help!

Here’s the full list (click to enlarge):


7 responses to “27 GOALS BEFORE 28

  1. I didn’t see the part that said, Click to Enlarge, and I just got like an inch away from the screen….but I read them all ok! haha :)

  2. abigail mcwaters

    i like the tea party one. if you ever come back to minnesota, i know the perfect place to have one :) we went there for a girls dorm trip, and it was the best tea party expereince ever.

  3. i’m game for 3 or 12.

  4. zumba… that’s almost a check. can’t wait!! :) I can think of a couple others I can help ya with. ;) Now I want to make a list!!

  5. Making a clock is something I want to do. When I was in San Fran last month I bought 12 soup spoons (3 different designs, 4 of each design) in Chinatown for like 30 cents each and I want to make a clock out of those for my kitchen. I’m kinda stoked. I think they’ll make a really cool clock!

  6. Good luck Kelly! I see your list consists mostly of crafty, artistic plans for self improvement and experience.

    That idea is very cool! Get hyped up!

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