MONDAY INSPIRATION | decorating with white

Sometimes I think white is overlooked when decorating homes… aren’t these just gorgeous?

Found via decor8 and this photostream.


8 responses to “MONDAY INSPIRATION | decorating with white

  1. White is my favorite! I have a whole folder of images of homes like this.

  2. Ahhh I’ve been loving white lately too. I really want to paint over the red walls in my living room soon…

  3. I love decorating in white! My house would be all white (and quickly ruined by the dogs) if I didn’t consciously restrain myself :) I have that very first pic.

  4. White is a very safe color. It’s best for fickle minded people like me. White with black or wood or pastels here and there would be my perfect home.

    By the way, I want to greet you a late Happy Birthday! I hope you had fun to the brim. <3

  5. This post came just in time! I’m moving into a new apartment, so I’ve been researching ways to dress up rooms with white walls. I love the one with the dark sectional and interesting coffee table!

  6. I’m visiting your blog for a long time now and i’m excited!My taste on decorating and clothing is so similar to yours!Forgive my english,i’m from Greece.You got some great ideas there! :) Decorating the house in white is one of them.

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