MY PHOTOGRAPHY | in print!!

I was really excited to see my photography printed so I wanted to share with all you guys! These are my first clients (from this shoot) that purchased prints from me and I was really happy with the results! I already love the printer I work with so I’m excited to do more of this! They got a poster, an album (designed by myself), an 8×10, and some loose prints. Seeing my photography in print somehow makes it more real, more legit. haha Plus I love handing my clients something they can see right away and react to!

Anyway just wanted to share and let you know this is something I can offer my clients! Yay!


6 responses to “MY PHOTOGRAPHY | in print!!

  1. Cool, congrats on that big step in your career!

  2. Congratulations Kelly! I really thought your photographs look good, even more on print!

  3. thanks girls! that means a lot!

  4. Wow, good stuff Kel. Congrats!

  5. these are very beautiful – the first time I looked at this shoot, I thought – these two very attractive people are professional models – but then I realized you can’t fake the connection between them! Good job on capturing that – and congratulations for being in print!

  6. Oooh! I’ll be your second client to order prints!! :)

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