Last week Dustin and I drove to Stockton, Missouri to visit his parents. Wow what a long drive but it was definitely worth it!  Both his sisters and their families also drove down and met us so there was a house full of 15 people at one point!

Our trip consisted of visiting, thrift shopping in Springfield, eating home-cooked meals, a kitchen makeover, and a senior photo session – which I’ll show later! Here’s some pictures I captured along the way…

A couple of my finds in Springfield:

1) Shirt $2.00
2) Mini McCoy Pitcher $6.00
3) Vintage 50’s Shorts $35.00
4) Vintage Wrangler Shirt for my Hubby $18.00
5) Wall Hanging $3.00

Lastly Dustin and I helped his mom redo her kitchen! I guess I inherited my parents’ gene of doing projects while visiting friends/family! haha She had been wanting to get rid of that wallpaper ever since she moved in so we thought it would be a great time to do so! She loves the new color and is planning a couple other projects to complete the makeover. Here’s the before and after:


9 responses to “MISSOURI recap!

  1. THAT is a lot of wallpaper. God bless you. :) The apple green looks fantastic though. I’m sure she was extremely grateful for the additional help.

  2. great job! amazing the change a little paint makes! Totally jealous on the McCoy score and the wall hanging! WOW!

  3. Your niece and nephew are so cute. The kitchen makeover is amazing – love the new color! Great pics. :)

  4. hannah.kristine

    How long did it take to remove all the wallpaper?
    It looks soo much better!

  5. Love the way that kitchen looks now! Especially the ceiling.

  6. I love the ceiling! Your hubby’s mom picked the perfect color for the cream cabinets! Green rarely impress me but this one just did!

  7. That green is gorgeous! I live in Joplin, not far from Stockton. Looks like you enjoyed your midwest visit!

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