I had so much fun designing this poster for Coley and Dustin’s wedding! Coley had the idea of doing a movie poster to welcome her guests into the reception complete with a faux movie title and wedding party credits. I thought it was a fun idea and she let me have total design freedom. Coley and Dustin had a long distance relationship for awhile so they are thrilled for their new life together. Finally Coley was able to move to be with Dustin in a rural little town in North Dakota called Richardton. That’s how I came up with the title and tagline. I also tried to fit the style of the poster with the invitations and programs I did. So fun and she loved it!

Poster Detail:


6 responses to “FUN WEDDING POSTER

  1. How cool is this?! Love it.

  2. hannah.kristine

    love love this. So NEAT!!

  3. another fun idea… wish I had a wedding to work on; but it would probably look suspiciously like this one!

  4. Sarah San Jule

    This is SO clever…you are so very talented. I love your blog. Your ideas are inspiring. I swear I’m going to kidnap you and bring you into my fashion design class one of these days as a guest speaker :) This poster is just too cute.

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