I’ve been wanting to add a little curb appeal to my front door so it prompted me to look for a little inspiration. I’m hoping my HOA lets me paint my door a fun color! Right now its beige like everything else in Arizona :/

So are you inspired to spruce up your door??

Great color combo:

I looove these teal planters:

That black door is just cool:

Images found via apartment therapy and design sponge.


6 responses to “MONDAY INSPIRATION | front doors

  1. The hubs and I have been looking at front doors for months. I want to jazz up our porch as well but two things are stopping me: 1) the dollar signs associated with purchasing a new door and 2) I’m afraid to go too “outside of the box” because of our neighborhood. No association to worry with but nothing I like fits the style of our home or the neighborhood. *le sigh*

  2. and then there is always the possiblity of making your house number a decorative feature:

  3. Now I want to go home and paint my door. I like that it’s black now, but I’m in the mood for a bright punch of teal or something. Maybe I’ll have to do some fun planters like that one photo. Good inspiration!

  4. Wooden doors are beautiful to me. I want those that look a bit antique with a brass knocker.

    Black is a bit common and too dark for my liking. I’d rather choose navy blue. It would make a good contrast to white walls, that is if your walls are white.

  5. hannah.kristine

    mmmm front doors :)

  6. Isn’t it sad that so many people don’t use their front doors anymore? I had a 3 week trip to Europe where I took lots and lots of pix of doors. It was fun and interesting.

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