BRIGHT VINTAGE-Y wedding programs

Remember those wedding invites I designed? Well I wanted to also share the programs I designed to match! Coley (the bride) had a bunch of wedding invitations left over so we thought we recycle them and make the fronts into programs! This is a great idea for left over invitations. Coley attached the front of the invites to popsicle sticks and then all I had to design additionally was the actual program part which was attached to the other side of the stick. I think they turned out great! What do you think?


6 responses to “BRIGHT VINTAGE-Y wedding programs

  1. LOVE them.

  2. love this idea!

  3. Love the invitations, love the programs, and love the cool way to reuse them for the wedding — instant fan, too.
    I think they turned out simply mahvelously. ;)

  4. how cool! what a great idea!

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