I was excited when my friend Jenna hired me to create a necklace for her cousin’s graduation present! The only directions she gave me was “keys”. I love having that much creative freedom. This is what I created. I wanted the necklace to have to a old and new flair to it so that’s why I mixed the different kinds of chain, spray-painted one of the keys, and used new and thrift-ed items. What do you think? I hope she liked it! I kind of want one for myself now!


9 responses to “KEY NECKLACE

  1. abigail mcwaters

    love. love. love.

  2. The black spray paint is the perfect touch. I love it!

  3. Hey! Thank y0u so much for the necklace by the way. When jenna told me that you were going to be the one making the present I was so excited because I knew you were so talented!
    I love it and how it has a good story too. :) It’s famous! haha. I got so many compliments at work.

  4. You deserved every bit of compliments!

  5. hannah.kristine

    my birthday is coming up…. ;)

  6. Love this!! Totally think I’m going to steal this and try one myself :)

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