Here’s a little inspiration for you today. This verse came to me last week while I was on a run and I kept thinking about it so I wanted to share. I recently heard a pastor talk about making your exercise time be a time to spend with God. I liked that and actually realized that it sometimes ends up that way even when I don’t expect it to. It’s really a natural fit because I can acknowledge his creation while doing something good for myself. I encourage you to try it.

Happy Monday.


4 responses to “MONDAY INSPIRATION

  1. jennabourland

    This is beautiful… I love it. Thanks, Kelly.

  2. Those cluster of verses are my life verses. Thanks Kelly!

  3. I feel so happy every time I hear a blogger I love profess her love for God. It’s charming to me as I am a Christian too.

    I love that passage. He asks us to depend on him when we need it but also knowing we have to do our part.

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