FASHION FRIDAY | distressed boyfriend jeans

Last Friday I gave myself and you all an assignment to distress an old pair of jeans. So on Monday night, a couple of my friends and I took a stab at it while watching the Bachelorette :)

I’ve been loving boyfriend jeans lately and wanted a pair of my own but never found a pair that I liked at a store. So I searched deep in my closet and found these jeans which I hadn’t worn since college. They are a couple sizes too big so I knew they would work perfect for boyfriend jeans. They were pretty flare so I cut a big chunk off the bottom so they became cropped. Then I took a cheese grater and an exacto knife to them. I loved using the cheese grater because it was fast and created a more natural looking hole. I also seam-ripped a couple parts and stitched a little yellow star on the inside of the ripped pocket.

Finally I washed them and then loosely tight-rolled the bottoms (if that makes sense!) And then ironed over the rolled part to it would stay better. So has anyone distressed some jeans  lately?? I wanna see!!

p.s. Sorry for the low-quality pictures – my camera malfunctioned while I was shooting over the weekend and I have to send it in to get fixed :/


4 responses to “FASHION FRIDAY | distressed boyfriend jeans

  1. ADORABLE! I love this idea. I have some too big jeans in my closet that I may use to copy you. How did your friends’ jeans turn out?

  2. My favorite pair of jeans (that barely fit anymore) are a pair that I got in the seventh grade and distressed myself. They’re so worn out that it looks like something exploded from inside my kneecaps. :)

  3. I’m right there with aproper. I have a great pair of jeans that I’ve had for years and still love. And the best part is that I didn’t pay a crazy price to have someone else rip up my jeans. :)

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