Yay I finally got a chance to put these pictures together from my trip to Alabama! I went there with my two sisters, Hannah and Abigail. Abby just graduated from high school so we wanted to celebrate and also spend some time together since none of us live close to each other. My aunt and uncle own a beach house outside of Gulf Shores so we were fortunate that they let us use it for the week! This was an awesome trip full of laughing, reminiscing, pondering, and relaxing.

I can truly say my sisters are my best friends so I’m glad we got this special time to spend together.. especially in such a beautiful place! I miss them already and I get a little sad thinking of how long I have to wait to see them again.

This first set of pictures is from our time at the beach house. The second set of pictures I’ll share will be from our lightening trip to New Orleans. I hope you enjoy!


10 responses to “OUR SISTER TRIP | part 1

  1. jennabourland

    This makes me want to take a trip with my sister! Looks like so much fun… I’m glad you guys got to do this.

  2. You look so happy. I have only one sister. It must be amazing to have two!

  3. Love your pictures. Looks like you three had a great time!!! I adore the pink and white striped towel pictures, the ice cream truck photo, and the hula hoop pic.

  4. makes the beach experience look really appealing…. great pic’s

  5. Oh my goodness. These photos are awesome! You girls looked like you were having so much fun. And I wish I was on that beach right now..

  6. Great photos! I love your work!

  7. Love the floral romper (right photo; second row from bottom of collection) — is it the Forever 21 romper from your polyvore collage?

  8. Aw, bummer! ;) But what a cute name for a shop!

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