Ahh! I can’t believe it! My baby sister Abigail graduated this weekend from high school! This makes me feel pretty old considering we are 9 years apart and I vividly remember the day she was born, even down to what I was wearing. For anyone curious, I was wearing a gray Gap jumpsuit with a cream turtleneck, and a wide headband. haha It’s weird the things you remember.

Anyway, I am so excited for her and her new adventures from here on out. She will be attending Liberty University in the fall all the way in Virgina so we will be on opposite sides of the country which makes me sad but also extremely thrilled for her! This coming week we are taking a little sister getaway trip in Alabama to catch up with each other, relax on the beach, and just enjoy where we are all at in life.

It’s been so fun to see Abigail grow up and she surprises me on a constant basis with the wisdom she speaks. It will be so fun to see where SHE is in 9 years. Congratulations Abby, see you in a couple days!

I wasn’t able to be there for her graduation but I did design this poster for her and her friends’ grad party. How cute are they?

Photo credit goes to Brett Quernemoen.



  1. abigail mcwaters

    you’re making me cry.
    ahhh. love you kelly. cant wait to see you.

  2. Kel…great job on the poster! And…I would be happy to take a trip over to VA with you if you wanted to visit her!! :)
    Abby…I’m gonna check on that alumni scholarship for you too!
    Have fun in AL!!!

  3. Kristen Noonan

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a little while now, and you never disappoint, you have such amazing talent!

    How exciting that your sister graduated! Liberty is a fantastic school (I can attest to that with both my husband and I being current students, being a former employee myself, and my husband being a current employee)!! Liberty is an excellent place to grow in your faith, and has some great programs available!

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