I loved how this personalized birthday present turned out! Last week it was my friend Amber’s birthday and some of my friends and I wanted to give her some extra special. We came up with this idea of giving her original art from each one of us but also making it a set so all four artworks matched as well. We started by thinking of things that remind us of Amber, who she is as a person, and what makes her unique. Then we hand drew what we had thought of on paper.

After that I scanned each drawing into the computer, added a touch of color, re-sized it and printed it out. I then bought 4 sheets of black and white damask craft paper and matted (using spray adhesive) each picture with the paper. I picked the damask pattern because I knew it would fit really well in Amber’s house. This was a lot of fun to work on together and I think Amber really liked it!

Maybe it will inspire you to give your friends a personalized gift using your talents?

My Artwork:

I decided to draw peonies because it is both mine and Amber’s favorite flower.

Jenna’s Artwork:

Jenna chose to draw a house because Amber truly blesses others with her home. Her and her husband really enjoy having guests and making delicious meals for them. I always feel special when I get to go over there!

Brittany’s Artwork:

Amber lived in Chicago for awhile and really loves and misses the city so Brittany wanted to bring the city into her Tucson home :)

Becca’s Artwork:

This one is pretty self-explanatory but Amber is a teacher so Becca wanted to draw something that represented that. Also they share a love for the Twilight books, hence the book title. haha

Here’s us with Amber’s new present. Happy Birthday Amber!!



  1. I love these so much! Great job ladies!

  2. Thank you for not using about 98% of the photos we took. Those should never see the light of day.

  3. Can I look at the unseen photos in the dark, Jenna?

  4. I loved them….now just looking for the perfect place to showcase them in my home! Thank you ladies for making me feel so special!

  5. Oh wow, that is such a sweet and beautiful birthdya present you got there. your’re friend is very lucky! Love your handmade work and your blog.


  6. yaay! they look great!
    on another note….
    my nose looks HUGE!
    Kelly, this is where you could use those editing skills of yours! ;)

  7. I LOVE THIS!!!! I think I might have to do this!!!

  8. I say Amber is lucky to have such creative friends like you!

  9. LOVE them! So sweet and such beautiful creators, too!

  10. I think Brittany’s is my favorite – the addition of the yellow sun is perfect!

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