Yay a giveaway! This giveaway is inspired by the accessories I created for Carrie’s wedding which I blogged about yesterday. Basically 1 winner will get to choose any style of hair accessory from yesterday’s post in the color of their choice! I will create the hair piece especially for this winner!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite color. A winner will be announced next Thursday. Good luck!!


51 responses to “YOUR CHOICE GIVEAWAY!

  1. Angie Holmberg

    These are adorable! Very creative Kelly:) Green

  2. Red–that’s why I love these accessories, so many different ways you incorporated the red & other 2 colors.

  3. How fun! Those hair pieces are beautiful! Blue

  4. my favorite color is orange, it doesnt go with a lot of other colors but I love love it. plus it looks good on me because of my dark skin im not that dark

  5. navy blue!

    i love it with teal, and red, and white, and cream, and lime green, and pink…. :)

  6. These are awesome! They would be a great addition to my wedding – I would love to get bright orange ones for my bridesmaids! And for myself!

  7. Teal or kelly green. Now you have to pick me because my color is the same as your name. Booyah.

  8. Purple! love your stuff!!! :)

  9. These are so cute! PURPLE!!! (w/teal) :)

  10. Oooh! I would take teal, or green, or coral….pretty much my wedding colors! haha! Great job Kel!!

  11. You are so crafty – these are gorgeous! My fav color is Navy… thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Love these! yellow…

  13. yay for giveaways!! i would say right now i like yellow or grey, or maybe yellow and grey?? ;)

  14. I love the 3 piece flower! I love how it looks vintage-y. My favorite color is purple, it’s the color I’ll paint the baby room if it’s a girl!

  15. hannah.kristine

    sage :)

  16. All of the pieces look so great together! I’m sure the bride is going to be ecstatic, I know I would be! My favorite color is yellow. Like a mustard yellow.

  17. These are so cute! My favorite color…it’s so hard..but I think teal or seafoam green :)

  18. These are so beautiful, I hope I win!

  19. My favorite color is a deep red. These are so beautiful, Kelly! If I win, I want the flower girl barrettes for Sophie.

  20. very cute! purple :)

  21. So adorable! Kelly green would be amazing! You should have an etsy site with all your great crafts!

  22. favorite craft ever! red (:

  23. I love the cream one!

  24. Very pretty! I will be a bridesmaid soon and would love one to match my dress… blue.

  25. I often wear flowers in my hair. My favorite color is pink.

  26. White with blue. Thank you!

  27. Today, my favorite color is dogwood pink (from the dogwood tree that is blooming outside my window).

    I love these!!! They’re so lovely.

  28. hi kelly! i don’t want one, not because they’re not super cute (i know, double negative, actually triple if you count the whole sentence), but because i can’t really wear hair things. my hair is stubborn like that. just wanted to say that you are awesome and i’m excited you’re getting so many comments on your blog! it’s so creative and organized, more people should read it!

  29. I like pink! Love the styles :) You are so creative.

  30. Hello Kelly! It’s actually pearl and peach!

  31. My fave color is orange, coupled with navy would be awesome!

  32. My fave color would be a deep royal purple! Gorgeous!

  33. hi.




  34. I just love these… but I have really icky hair. Could I have one that I could wear as a pin? I love the one in the top right; and it would be great to have it in some vintage-y aged shades of cremes and honeys. Fabulous!

  35. I love them all, but the cream and teal ones are my favorite- youre such a creative gal kelly!

  36. My favorite color is blue.

  37. So cute. I love the colors and the material you used! Right now I’m really into earth tones, especially deep, rusty orange.

  38. favorite color is pink. But I think the cream ones are the most beautiful!

  39. allysonnichole

    these are adorable!!! i always have a bow or flower in my hair! :)


  40. I LOVE that color combination, and it was the one i wanted for my wedding, had we had enough money. I love the pieces you created!


  41. I love how you’ve made them n the way you’ve made each one look different while still keeping with the theme! the color of royalty, Purple :)

  42. These are so feminine and fashionable for the warming weather! My favorite of the designs would have to be the cream with the turquoise pearl centers, because the cream color really shows the intricate design of the lace. I would love one of these for my new haircut! (I just got my hair cut short and would love something to make it look more feminine!) — I feel like coral with turquoise beads, or cream and black would make good color combos (depending on day or night wear)…

    Thanks Kelly!

  43. I love the cream ones! They’re all gorgeous, though. My favorite color is purple because it’s such a rich color and you can make it match nearly anything.

  44. You are so creative! These are adorable. Yellow is my fav color.

  45. What a great idea! My Fav colors are green and orange. But If I won I would want black and white so I woulc where it all the time!

  46. My favorite color is purple! These hair accessories are beautiful!

  47. Ok these are better then anything you can find in a boutique! Again, you are good at what you do! Pink :)

  48. Carrie Donaldson

    Kelly, I’m so excited to give these to bridesmaids on Friday!!! Thanks again :) Can’t wait to show you pics when I get back to town.

  49. Wow, these are beautiful. My favorite color is pink…

  50. I love those! My fave color is probably coral right now!

  51. Direct from Carrie’s Wedding:

    This is the bridesmaid wearing the piece entitled”Bridesmaid # 7,” Heidi Onken. I’m currently getting my hair done by Leah and getting ready to have my hair piece placed. I LOVE the hair art that Kelly made for us. She and Carrie picked out beautiful lace and Kelly carefully crafted our bridesmaid gifts. MERCI!

    As for my favorite colors and styles, I love the style of bridesmaid #1 and I’d love to see black and cream lace with cream pearls.

    May the Wedding Day be Blessed!


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