When Carrie Donaldson contacted me about creating accessories for her bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding, I was honored and excited to do so. She wanted to give them something special as her gift to them. She has 7 bridesmaids and 1 flower girl so that meant a lot of creating! We decided on a hair accessory and a necklace for each girl. Her main colors are brown and teal with deep red and gold accents. The bridesmaid dresses are brown and the flowers will be red. She gave me this image as inspiration for her color palette:

It was great working with Carrie because she gave me complete design freedom and it seemed like our visions were very similar. Here’s what I created. Each hair piece is different.

Bridesmaid 1:

Bridesmaid 2:

Bridesmaid 3:

Bridesmaid 4:

Bridesmaid 5:

Bridesmaid 6:

Bridesmaid 7:

Flower Girl:

Each hair piece has a bobby pin attached to it:

Each twisted necklace had 3 varying bead types in browns and golds. Here’s an example of one:

So what do you think? Favorites? I can’t wait to see pictures from Carrie’s wedding! Make sure to come back tomorrow for a little giveaway!!


8 responses to “BRIDAL ACCESSORIES | for carrie

  1. love the colors together! my favorite are the two separate white lace flowers with the three aqua beads, i really like the way the fabric complements their shape… :) hmm, and the white behind the red is my second favorite (the version with the smaller red inner circle), they remind me of pansies. so sweet, and beautiful work as always! ;)

  2. I love how you made the hair accessories all different, and yet each fits in beautifully with the theme. How nice for the girls to have something personal and unique! Lucky lucky girls!

  3. Loooove these. Such a great gift idea.

  4. hannah.kristine

    soo cool! I really like #5 and #6…you know my birthday is coming up ;)

  5. great job! can’t wait for our first crafternoon together! i just got my sewing machine repaired today, I am ready! ;)

  6. Those for Bridesmaid 3 and 4 looked dazzling to me! As well the one for the flower girl. She was not wrong on picking you!

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  8. I love it all! My most fave is the one for bridesmaid 5!

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