My sister Abby had to interview an artist for independent art class so she chose me! The interview was simple, just the 5 W’s and the H. Below are my answers. So do YOU have any questions for me?? Ask anything!

Kelly Hicks, designer, thrifter, blogger, photographer, accessory-maker, wife, and papillon-owner

My day job is as a User Interface Designer at IBM. But my love is creating whether it be in the form of art, photography, design, or fashion. I am still discovering what my exact niche will be but so far I have enjoyed exploring all the possibilities. My most recent freelance projects were designing wedding invitations, photographing my first wedding, and re-designing a website of a non-profit organization. I am currently working on improving my web presence by redesigning my blog and portfolio.

I live and work in Tucson, AZ. I work the majority of the time from home so I recently moved my desk into my living room so I could breathe and look out the window at my lovely backyard. I am also in the process of creating a home studio space for my freelance work.

Whenever I can! Which can sometimes be A LOT. This is a hard question because if I am not creating I am thinking about it or researching it. That being said I do take time off to shop, run, dance, go out to dinner, and just spend time with my husband and friends.

Because I love it! There’s a sense of accomplishment when you have succeeded at creating because it’s not easy! It takes work, commitment, and time. But when the end result is successful it’s that much more rewarding.

That’s a tough one. I think how I accomplish what I do is a combination of hard work, the passion I have, the talent I was given, and the opportunities God has laid out in front of me. I truly believe the Lord moves me forward and my hope is that my love of Christ will shine through my work.

Now go ahead and ask me something!


7 responses to “INTERVIEW ME

  1. Do you have plans on focusing on anything specific: photography, wedding invites, etc? Which do you enjoy most?

  2. oo good question Kasey. Right now I don’t have any plans on focusing on just 1 thing. As long as I keep getting clients for all of those things – then I will keep doing all of them. My first love is graphic design and I feel the most comfortable doing that. But I really have found a love in photography however I’m still learning and growing and I think it will take a while to gain confidence in it and truly enjoy it. Does that make sense?

  3. Becky asked on facebook: Out of all of the fantastic photos you’ve taken, do you have a favorite?

  4. My answer: ooo that’s hard! i think a couple of my favorites were of my sister’s bike shoot – the ones of her in the forest. I really like when photos look eerie or magical.

  5. beautiful photos! love your blog :) xo!

  6. 1. what software tools do you use the most?
    2. where do you find your inspiration?
    3. what is your favorite work of art or favorite artist and why?

    • 1) Photoshop and Illustrator
      2) All over! Some big ones: Anthropologie,,, and a ton of design and photography blogs – too many to list!
      3) Picking just 1 is hard! I really like painters Marla Baggetta and Flora Bowley because of how they use and blend color. I also really like mixed media artists like Anahata Katkin because when you look at her work you always ask yourself “how did she do that?!”

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