PROJECT RUNWAY | finale favorites

Yay! Congrats Seth Aaron! I’m definitely a Seth Aaron fan and am so glad he won Project Runway last night. I think he had the strongest design point of view and he knew how to put on a show. His clothes said the most and I completely agreed with Michael Kors that a successful designer has to be fearless!

That being said Emilio and Mila also had great collections. Mila actually had the most stuff that I would wear right off the runway. And Emilio’s last dress was show-stopping.

Who did you want to win and what were your favorites from the show?

These were my favorite looks from the finale….


Such a great coat and in a fun color.

I like this type of dress and the print of his brand is cool. Also love the bottom trim.

This is a red-carpet dress. The movement is gorgeous.


Want to wear it.. now!

Love her use of pattern. I can definitely see this in my closet (minus the necklace).

The leggings she had in her collection were really great. Love her use of sheerness too.

Seth Aaron:

Thought it was surprisingly great that he incorporated something flowy.

Tailoring on this coat is awesome – one of his strongest qualities.

My absolute favorite of the show. It’s the perfect balance between feminine and hard. And oh so chic!


3 responses to “PROJECT RUNWAY | finale favorites

  1. I cheered like I was at a football game when they named Seth Aaron the winner! I just wish I could see the other 14 looks he created for the finale that he didn’t put on the runway – what an overachiever!

  2. AHH! I was so pumped when he won too! Finally my favorite won!

  3. The Mila collection was great! I liked how Mila’s clothes are something you could wear anytime of the day.

    That Emilio gown is also stunning. Love the movement too.

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