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Spring is short-lived in Arizona but today I woke up to a cool breeze from my open windows, the birds chirping, and the smell of citrus trees in my backyard and it reminded me of spring. So here are my favorite things about spring.

What are your spring favorites?

The wild flowers this year in Tucson are gorgeous. I wish they would last all year!

There’s a berry festival at our local grocery store and the strawberries are 88 cents! They are the best with a little whip cream.

I love bringing the outside in.

My husband has some mad grilling skills. It makes my stomach happy.


4 responses to “SPRING | favorites

  1. When I was kid, I wanted my tropical country to snow. But I figured how disastrous winter can be. Now, I wish we have Spring. It’s a season where beauty speaks above all.

    I too love grills! Steaks and barbecues are my favorite. It’s not good though. Can be unhealthy if not controlled!

  2. Spring favorites:

    Sabino Canyon is beautiful right now! There is so much water because of our wet winter. We went on Sunday and walked barefoot through a creek. My daughter found a frog and we chased it.

    I’m obsessed with striped sailor shirts. Something about it is springy to me, even though I could probably wear them year round here!

    Flying kites in the park. I forgot how thrilling it is to get a kite aloft and see it soar.

    :) Thanks for reminding me how wonderful Spring is.

  3. 1. the sound of the birds in the morning
    2. daffodils and tulips
    3. no more winter coats
    4. april showers!!

  4. Grilling out, yes! Yes!

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