Ahhh! Sorry I haven’t posted recently! I have been soo busy! Above are some projects I am working on right now but none of them are completely finished. I hate that! I have so many things I am working on all at once – makes it hard to finish one! But maybe this will peak your curiosity a little. I really can’t wait to show you these. I am excited about them all!

This past weekend I shot my first wedding as the main shooter! Big step for me! I appreciate Brittany and Matt for giving me a chance and trusting me with the biggest day of their life. It felt pretty comfortable since I saw so many familiar faces and I actually had a lot of fun despite my nervousness! It also helped to have my second shooter Trevor there with me. That second picture from the top on the right is Brittany’s hair piece, that she made :). I hope to share those pictures soon!

So what have you been busy with lately? Any big projects for anyone?


2 responses to “BUSY LITTLE BEE

  1. Kel!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures….now that I’m MARRIED (WOOT!) I have a ton of different projects on my list, including turning my back patio off of my bedroom into a craft room, since my apartment is teensy and leaves no space otherwise!!

  2. I have a bunch of projects stuck in my HEAD. I want to know how to get them out. You are so productive!

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