FASHION FRIDAY | savers jackpot

My husband and I were at the grocery store the other day and when I bought wine, I surprisingly didn’t get carded. As we were leaving, I proudly mentioned how I didn’t get carded. My husband responded “Maybe because you are wearing normal clothes today.” haha

Thanks to Dustin for taking these pictures of my “weird” outfit ;).

My Outfit:

Sweater: $4.99 Savers
Belt: $2.99 Savers
Jeggings: $14.90 Forever 21
Sunglasses: $.69 Savers
Earrings: $3.80 Forever 21
Boots $9.99 Savers


3 responses to “FASHION FRIDAY | savers jackpot

  1. do your neighbors ever comment on your backyard photo shoots? maybe they are just taking down fashion tips?

  2. Hey Kelly, I think you’d enjoy taking a peek at the new blog of a friend of mine. She just launched it last week. She’s a designer too and I think you’d enjoy her stuff.

  3. I don’t care what Dustin says, I like the sweater, boots and sunglasses. I could take the lenses out & the kids would love them for reading glasses.

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