Do you let FEAR hold you back?

Sometimes wouldn’t it be easier to not try? To not put yourself out there, not go out of your comfort zone, not try new things. Wouldn’t it be a lot safer to stay away from those things? Of course it would. There would be no failure if you didn’t try. And honestly that’s what a lot of us are afraid of: failure. I know I am.

But I don’t want to be. A lot of times I feel like this blog is an indication of my successes and failures. Man it highlights them. THAT is scary. Sometimes I find myself trying to hide what I consider failures and mess-ups in order to show my best side. While that might be fine, I mean it is my blog afterall, that isn’t what I want this to be. This is a journey to go on new adventures, try things I haven’t, and do things I thought I couldn’t. I want this blog to be relatable, transparent, and to be REAL.

I hope to share more personal thoughts and experiences here. And I hope to not let the fear of failure or judgment get in the way of trying. I have realized one thing – failure is definitely better than not trying. I would much rather live a life of numerous failures and some successes than not experiencing anything at all. Wouldn’t you? Because I do know that when you put yourself out there – you may find yourself pursuing a dream you never even thought about.

So…. do you let fear hold you back? How do you keep moving forward?

Here’s to letting go of fear, putting myself out there, and embracing the unknown.


4 responses to “Do you let FEAR hold you back?

  1. You are right. Do you know what feeling I despise the most? Regret. I don’t like regretting. We must try everything possible and reachable. I might as well, fail than regret that I did not at least try.

  2. I agree with Lex. Regret nags and nags and nags. Fear keeps me from trying something and then regret lasts and lasts and lasts…

  3. Regret is even a bigger reason not to let fear hold you back. Agreed Lex!

  4. I agree with Lex and your mom. Regret never goes away but fear can be turned into a learning experience at the very least and sky is the limit at its best. Kelly I love that you’re not afraid to try many new things.

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