FASHION | friday : stripe inspiration

I need stripes! Anyone wanna go shopping with me??


6 responses to “FASHION | friday : stripe inspiration

  1. Loooove stripes. I am totally into stripes lately. Thanks for this collection of images – very inspiring! I was definitely not feeling the floral trend but stripes … yes, this is something I can go with! :)

  2. From floral spring dresses to stripes, you always post about my most recent love. Good job, Kelly.

    I got a striped cardigan from Forever 21 last weekend to feed my stripe craving. It’s lightweight and perfect. I want more…

  3. Looove the first dress and the dress with the girl on the car!

  4. I would if I lived closer! I LOVE stripes – they are always a staple in my closet :) I just got a bunch of cute stripe shirts from H&M – 3 different colors, all 4.95 each!!

  5. i am definitely on the stripe band wagon. love it all!

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