While I was home in Minnesota for a short weekend in February, my sister and I thought I would be fun if we ventured outside to get some pictures of her in her wedding dress. Man it was cold! She was definitely a trooper. I wondered how she could look so beautiful while being so cold! Doesn’t her dress compliment the snow? I also love how her hair looks against the white. After trudging through waist high snow, we made sure to grab some hot chocolate and get warm by the fire. Sometimes I miss that!


13 responses to “A SNOW BRIDE

  1. crazy good… nice work. I don’t have any desire to shoot in the snow… good thing I’m in Tucson.

    I really dig the post processing AGAIN. you work it to perfection.

  2. Absolutely stunning. This is a great “trash the dress” shoot for someone who doesn’t necessary want to trash the dress.

    P.S. All of that snow frightens me. I definitely have dry, triple-digit weather running through my blood.

  3. wow, this is amazing. I love all of these. really great job!

  4. These are amazing… she looks so beautiful.

  5. Kelly, these are absolutely magical. Your sister is gorgeous. It feels like a fairy tale, especially the one where she is walking away from the camera.

  6. wow! these pictures are beautiful!!! your sister is gorgeous!

  7. ummmm…can you please make me look that pretty?? haha… ;-)

  8. great pictures….she looks just like your mom! were some of these pictures taken at Mayowood Barn?

  9. can we just agree that your sister is crazy beautiful? love the snow shots!

  10. Oh my gosh she looks fantastic! I don’t think I could have a fraction of her beauty in weather so cold.

  11. These photos are painfully beautiful…really! I don’t know that I’d be the trooper your sister was, being from the Caribbean and all, but the result is absolutely stunning!

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