FASHION | friday : my fav fashion blogs

1) Forever 21’s The Skinny Features latest trends, inspiring photoshoots, and fun DIYs (like how to make this voluminous tutu!)

2) Behind The Seams Trang is an awesome stylist and winner of AMBS (America’s Most Stylish Blogger). She has some awesome DIYs too!

3) Alexander Evjen Focuses on upcoming product and clothing trends and her personal journey to turn her love of fashion into a career.

4) Frugal Fashionista Shows you what the celebs are wearing and how to wear it for less. I mainly like it to get ideas for styling outfits.

5) Real fashionable people in real clothes all around the world. Can’t get better than that.


2 responses to “FASHION | friday : my fav fashion blogs

  1. Lookbook & Forever are my favs too! I’ll have to check out those other ones as well!! :) xoxo

  2. this is a very helpful bit of information for those of us that are fashion-challenged. i need all the help i can find!

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