FASHION | friday : floral inspiration

Oooo I love pretty florals. Here’s some inspiring images I found for this fashion friday. Now I want to go shopping for flower prints.


5 responses to “FASHION | friday : floral inspiration

  1. I love this. Spring is wonderful.

    Let’s go to Savers soon and buy floral grandma dresses and make them pretty.

  2. hannah.kristine

    mmmm pretty.

  3. Katrina MacDougall

    I have this goregous beige floral print fabric that I’ve been meaning to make into a dress. I’m really glad you posted this, because now I can’t see a reason why I should keep procrastinating.

    Time to pull out the sewing machine.

    Wonderful post!

  4. oooooo.. i love the one with the striped top and floral skirt! So cute!

  5. I’m kind of picky about my florals because I love them but they have to be just the perfect print. I was surprised to see lots of lovely prints at Gap.

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