ST PATTY’S DAY | free desktop wallpaper

Is anyone in the St. Patty’s Day mood yet?? I was at Urban Outfitters the other night and they have a ton of fun St. Patty’s Day stuff so it got me in the mood to give you guys a little something to celebrate. My husband and I are Irish (my maiden name was McWaters) and we always enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Anyone else Irish out there? Well whether or not you are Irish, I hope you enjoy these desktop wallpapers!

Here are the sizes for the one above:

1024 x 768
1280 x 800
1440 x 900

1024 x 768
1280 x 800
1440 x 900


4 responses to “ST PATTY’S DAY | free desktop wallpaper

  1. I like both sayings so both will be making an appearance on my desktop! Thanks!

  2. hannah.kristine

    Thank you!! I love st.pattys day :)

  3. I’m not Irish, but I love these too much not to use one.

    Here’s to faking my ancestry for the sake of great designs!

  4. Thanks for these. They are super cute and will make my computer very festive for St. Patty’s Day. :)

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