FASHION | friday : my husband’s shirt

My Outfit:

Shirt: Stole from my husband’s closet Hollister
Vest: $10.90 Forever 21
Jeggings: (finally got some!) $14.90 Forever 21
Shoes: $9.00 (Steve Madden) Buffalo Exchange
Belt: From a Forever 21 skirt


4 responses to “FASHION | friday : my husband’s shirt

  1. I really want a pair of jeggings!!
    love the boy button-down.

  2. Okay, you made jeggings look fab. I love how you styled it with your hubby’s shirt, the red vest, and the belt.

  3. I love this outfit! Very creative to use your hub’s shirt. Your blog is fantastic and fresh. Love it!

  4. LOVE THIS, way to be thrifty and look fab. so cute. I do a fashion friday post every other friday.. this friday mine will be up. P.S. come by larsenloves… and enter my JenGlamGirl Giveaway! JGG

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