ENGAGED | oneida + caleb

Yay! I told you it was coming soon :) This was a really fun, relaxed afternoon with Oneida and Caleb. They are so cute together and really natural  in front of the camera. We headed down to downtown Tucson where we took these, not far from where they are getting married next month. I’m very excited for them! I hope you all enjoy these!


17 responses to “ENGAGED | oneida + caleb

  1. These pictures are AMAZING, Kelly. I love the colors and how you captured their love for each other. Wonderful, creative photography!

  2. Kelly, these are REALLY good – you can capture the emotion and you definitely have your own artistic touch! I just wish Oneida got these sooner so she could have used them as a Save the Date. Excellent, excellent!!!

  3. these are incredible! :)

  4. You captured some yummy light on the last wardrobe change. Lovely photos.

  5. SUPER DUPER girl… Love them. Your post processing is incredibly consistant and has such a “you” flare…. very nice. I reconize a few of the locations and you used them very well. Good joy you!

  6. kelly, WE LOVE THEM!!! thanks for doing this for us. we are so blessed by you. you take amazing photos and it was so fun to go out there with you. you prepped well, shot well, and edited well. amazing!!!

    Such a gorgeous couple! I'm looking forward to the big day!!! Congrats you two!!

  8. Susie Christensen

    Kelly- Thanks for the nice pictures. The 18th picture from the top would make a great enagagement picture for the local paper here in Idaho. Would it be okay if I submitted the photo for that purpose. Is it only in B&W or did you do it in color ? Would you be willing to email me this photo as a single? Thanks- Caleb’s Mom

  9. This pics are breath taking. I especially love the one of you guys kneeling and the sun is behind you. Spectacular.

    I can’t wait for the big day :)


  10. Wow!! These pictures are absolutely amazing. You both look so good :) I cant wait for next weekend. Im so excited Cal! Its going to be awesome!

    Love you both

  11. Hope you are seeing all the buzz and excitement about your pictures on Oneida and Caleb’s facebook pages.

    “Incredible” “Beautiful” “Amazing” “Love them” … way too many comments like that to put here.

    “Those are some really great pictures. Probably the best I’ve seen when it comes to engagement pictures.”

    “Wow!!! These are some of the cutest engagement pics I’ve ever seen. Sooooo great! I’m so happy for you!!!!!”


  12. I love your style. Your photography skills are amazing.

  13. Katie Boettcher

    One, I absolutely LOVE your blog and all your great ideas. It is the only one I follow on a consistent basis and I am never disappointed :)

    Two, I wish you still lived in MN, so you could do my wedding photos! Love your work!

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