MINNESOTA vintage finds

I was in Minnesota this past weekend for a friend’s wedding and while I was there my mom and I went to a couple antique/thrift stores and found some really fun stuff! Minnesota has some great little stores for vintage finds!

Fur Stole: Gift from my mom
When she bought it, it didn’t have a back so she sewed satin fabric on the back so now it’s like brand new! I can’t wait to do something cool with it!

Tissue Holder: Also gift from my mom (she has good taste!)
I’m still trying to decide if I want to spray paint this black or not, although it’s so pretty the way it is.

Relish Dish: $10 Salvaged Treasures in Rochester, MN
Does this look familiar? It was on my Christmas wish list so I was so excited to find it there!

Vintage Brooch: $3 Country Collections Antiques in Waseca, MN
This brooch reminds me of Minnesota because it looks like a snowflake :)

Vintage Valentines: 50 cents Salvaged Treasures in Rochester, MN
I couldn’t resist these cute little valentine’s cards! They are little artworks!


3 responses to “MINNESOTA vintage finds

  1. that fur is beautiful! mom bought me one similar to it as well, its dark brown though. and i love that brooch! i think i’ve seen that tissue box before…kismet? so pretty! i think you should leave it gold though…i love it!

  2. Aanxious to see what you do with the fur collar! I’m sure it will be something fun!

  3. I love the fur stole – my grandma has one in her house up in Phoenix that I’ve wanted to snag for a while. And my mom still has valentines from when she was little that she gives to us every couple of years – they’re adorable! Looks like a profitable shopping trip!

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