WEDDING | alisa + jj

I had the opportunity to second shoot again with the fab Travis Williams. Even though this day was pretty windy and cold, Alisa and JJ didn’t even notice. Their love was so touching that I got tears in my eyes when JJ sang to Alisa at the ceremony. It didn’t matter that I had only met them 2 hours before! You could really tell that these two put the Lord at the center of their relationship. It’s so wonderful to see that. God bless you two on your life together! I hope you enjoy these!

Travis’s pics of this same wedding can be found here.

These 2 junior bridesmaids were so cute. They had pure joy on their faces the entire day.

Work it!


6 responses to “WEDDING | alisa + jj

  1. Great job Kelly! They’re beautiful. I love the one during the ceremony with the mountain in the background! :)

  2. absolutely stunning – this is why you will always have an open invitation to join me on weddings. for obvious reasons… digging these – would love to talk about your post production techniques.

  3. Aw I know her! She was in my small group a couple years ago, I didn’t even realize she was getting married! Wonderful job Kelly, these are beautiful. :)

  4. You’re tremendous, Kelly. These are magnificent.

  5. amazing!

  6. Darla Patterson (Alisa's mom)

    Thanks Kelly for all of your help. I love the photos and can’t wait to see the rest. It was truly a beautiful day regardless of awful weather. You and Travis captured the beauty within their hearts.

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