FASHION | friday: redheads

I started seeing beautiful redheads all over the place and it’s making me want red hair! Not sure if I’m that bold tho… The last time I dyed my hair red I was in 8th grade and it turned out a purply-red and I sat in the bathroom crying for the whole day. haha However these images I found might change my mind…


4 responses to “FASHION | friday: redheads

  1. I went red for a while too, summer after high school . . . i LOVED it, but Kyle has seen pics and says NO WAY. I think it’s more fun to be the one with the red hair . . . although everyone else may not be so into it, does that make sense??

  2. I love love love red hair… I mean, that’s a statement… that’s a COLOR! far too few natural reds out there!

  3. i love red hair too. i just had some copper highlights put in on Friday. the only downside to red is that it’s the color that fades the most. it’s really hard to keep it vibrant.

  4. Man. Red hair is great. I remember when my sister dyed hers black and everyone got so mad at her because people would kill for her natural color. I’m glad she’s learned to love it.

    I want a red head daughter…

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