FASHION | friday: a high school sweater

I can’t bring myself to give away any of the numerous Abercrombie sweaters I have from high school. I pulled this one out today….


Sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch $38
Black Tank: Old Navy $4.99
Shorts: Forever 21 $12.50
Tights: Target $8.99
Shoes: Target $19.99
Necklace: Handmade (temporary shortened)


5 responses to “FASHION | friday: a high school sweater

  1. hannah.thompson

    cuuute! I love the whole outfit. I still have so many clothes from high school sitting in my closet that I need to get rid of.

  2. Love the outfit too!! You look great! Oh Abercrombie, those were the days…or not! :)

  3. stopppp itttt. i love…
    your hair.
    your sweater.
    your shorts.
    your tights.
    your bathroom.

  4. Does the hubby come home and say “WHAT are you doing in the shower?!” Oh… taking pictures. Normal. Love the outfit!

  5. Aw you were such a prep! One of these days we should have a party that entails everyone dressing like they did in high school. You can be preppy, I can be emo, and Peter can have frosted tips and wear a hawaiian shirt and puka shells. It’ll be great.

    LOVE this tights. I want to steal them.

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