1) Washer Necklaces
I really want to make one of these.

Found here and here.

2) Wintery Scenes
Never thought I would say this but I miss those white Minnesota mornings when the blanket of snow makes everything silent.

Found here and here.

3) A DIY hidden jewelry box
Saw this today and um… GENIUS!

See the tutorial here.

4) My Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers
This was one of my Christmas presents from my husband. He found them at a local antique store. Oh how I love him!

p.s. he also made that vegetable soup in the foreground from scratch :) It was delicious.

5) Abigail Jewel’s Blog
Yep my sister has a blog! It’s fabulous and she’s an amazing writer. You must check it out. She shares her thoughts on art, fashion, music, living for the Lord, and the in and outs of going to a high school boarding school.


6 responses to “FIVE THINGS I ♥

  1. hannah.thompson

    I agree with all but the snow… :)

  2. oooo! those washer necklaces are cool!

  3. :)
    i love the header you made!

  4. That jewelry box is spectacular. Let’s make our husbands build us some.

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