Arizona has the BEST sunsets. Seriously. It’s one of my favorites parts living here. I am participating in this assignment on The Pioneer Woman‘s blog. Basically we just upload our favorite sunset/sunrise photo to the Flickr group and then she will award prizes next week. You should go participate too!

Here are my sunset photos. The top one I took with my point and shoot from my front yard. This next one I took again with my point and shoot in Jerome, AZ in our car while we were driving.

This one below I took from my car in Tucson, AZ not far from my house. I love how the clouds look like a painting.

The last three pictures I took last night:


5 responses to “MY SUNSETS

  1. oh my! these are stunning! I would love to have one of these as an artwork in my home!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous, Kelly. I love them all, such beautiful colors!

  3. wow! This makes me miss Arizona :(

  4. whoaaa! are these edited at all?? they’re amazing! god’s a pretty good painter!

  5. Way to show off the good parts of AZ!

    All the sunrise/sunset pics on PW have been making me so happy… I hope to see yours on there!

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