these SHOES would make me 6ft tall

*Gasp* Holy platforms!

I know it’s not fashion friday but I came across these Alexander McQueen shoes and I had to show you.

I have a large appreciation for shoes that speak art especially when they include a 10 inch heel. In fact my first project in Sculpture class included 6 inch black patent leather platforms. hehe If I owned these I would wear them around the house and happily scare my husband when he came in the door. What a combination of hott and scary. My fav are these with the gems…

Sadly these are what I’m wearing today. I guess I’ll have to settle for being 5’1… well at least for now.

I came across Alexander McQueen’s Dreamweaver show via style rookie.


6 responses to “these SHOES would make me 6ft tall

  1. oh my gosh!! hahah. those are crazy. They must be Avatar inspired, right? haha.

  2. The sad thing is that I would still be shorter than my boyfriend with those on!

  3. Those are ridiculous. They remind me of the boots I wore for the shoot on 4th Ave.

    I was inspired by Abby’s post about hats and gloves, and I think we should get a group together and take vintage-looking pictures with hats on. Dresses, fake eyelashes and lipstick are also a must.

  4. whoa!! those shoes! i saw lady gaga wearing them a few weeks ago. crazy!

  5. They remind me of the shoes I wore for my wedding only much more exotic.

  6. While I thought those shoes were absolutely crazy, they totally stole the entire show!!! People were talking about them for weeks and they really were such an eye grabber!! Gah, I’m glad I didn’t have to walk in them, but wow, they rocked!

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