FASHION | friday : jensen sisters set 2

Yay I finally edited these girls’ 2nd outfits from this photo shoot. How gorgeous are these sisters? Some good genes huh? I LOVE these outfits!  Soo cute. Plus some of the items are hand-me-downs from relatives! Again I had so much fun doing this. If anyone out there wants a fun fashion-y shoot – I would love to do more of this! Also I want to hear your favorites from this set.

(Also a little secret – there is 1 more set coming from this photo shoot! )

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

Sarah’s outfit:

Skinny jeans: Forever 21 $12.50
Tank: Urban Outfitters $12
Blazer and matching belt: Hand-me-down from Aunt
Shoes: Miss Sixty (bought at Last Chance outlet) $70
Headband: Handmade

Jenna’s Outfit:

Black skinny jeans: Forever 21 $12.50
Jacket: Old Navy $6
Shirt: Forever 21 $7.50
Boots:  Charlotte Russe $24.99
Necklace: Hand-me-down from Grandma
Gold hoop earrings: Blake Brothers $4


11 responses to “FASHION | friday : jensen sisters set 2

  1. Sarah is super hot! And you’re great, Kelly. The lighting is beautiful.

    I look like a taaaaaard.

  2. whaaaat you look beautiful Jenna! silly one.

  3. Haha thanks. I just look like a boy, but that’s why I’m letting the hair grow again. Only a couple more years… pfff..

  4. Jenna you are really silly. You look GORgeous. Great job Kelly they all look great! And again this day was such a blast.

  5. Kel!!! These are amazing……wondering…..would you be interested in doing engagement AND wedding pics for a certain couple getting married in April???? lets chat…… :)

  6. hey Kelly! I came across your blog in Amy’s blog by chance but I Had to comment.. it was such a pleasure seeing the styling n photography in this shoot.. so fresh n innocent.. loved it! the models look great too.. Jenna, that includes you :)

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  8. Sarah is very SJP in a number of these wonderful photos!

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