RESOLUTIONS in the new year

Okay here goes nothin…. my personal goals for 2010:

  1. Start my Etsy store First I need a name. I have a huge list of names but nothing that has stuck yet. Suggestions are welcome!
  2. Go to Hip Hop Class at least once a month I have to be specific here otherwise I’ll go 3 times the whole year and think I accomplished something. Here’s the class I go to:
  3. Get my home studio up and running Like really already. I need a studio. This is the current state. Blah.
  4. Redo my portfolio website I really need to decide how I want to code it. I keep changing my mind. Flash or no flash?
  5. Take a vacation with Dustin to a place we’ve never been Tahiti maybe?

What are your resolutions for 2010??


5 responses to “RESOLUTIONS in the new year

  1. man i have soo many New Years resolutions and i have to stick with them this time i always give up within a month or two hahah.
    weak :/

  2. I wrote about my resolutions today. I have some big party plans in my future :).

    Your resolutions seem fun… especially the whole Tahiti idea!

  3. Your Hip Hop class looks SO fun, I wanted to get up and dance while watching the vid. :) Tahiti sounds awesome — never been — have fun!!

  4. And definitely start your Etsy shop!! See you there!! :D

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