MY CHRISTMAS LIST | and yours?

I’ve been asked by several people what I want for Christmas so here goes…

Everything here is under $100. Maybe it will give you some ideas for what YOU want and for gift giving. That bow above is made out of white birch veneer! It’s $35 and you can find it here.

What’s on your Christmas List??

Original Fifi Lapin Artwork  The Round Glasses $40.00

Hershey is My Baby Suitcase Pet Bed $90.00

The Harbinger Co. Yellow Bamboo Blossom Earrings $40.00

Fey Handmade Bouquet Clock $28.00

Oli Faux Fur Jacket $73.50

Old Soul New Heart Sunshine Clips $25.00

Ruche Camellia Vine Sweater Dress $39.99

Target Timex Park Avenue Watch $39.99

Fey Handmade Motorcycle Tee $30.00

Fey Handmade Stitched Silhouette $47.00

VieModerne Jolene Peacock Feather Hair Clip $28.00

Dandelion Girl Vintage Relish Tray $15.00

Urban Outfitters Doubs Gloves $28.00

Zara Home Vintage Dessert Plates $7.22


4 responses to “MY CHRISTMAS LIST | and yours?

  1. Super cute items! I love the earrings and gloves … and of course the fabulous Fifi Lapin.

  2. Cute ideas…..there’s a kit at Michael’s that gives you all the stuff you need to make pretty much anything into a clock….that clock you posted gave me an awesome idea!

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